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My first CD

I wanted to include in this first CD of mine a mix of popular songs and famous operatic arias, hoping to appeal even to people who are not "expert" in the field...

From this "multimedia" page you will be able to listen to small but important parts of this work. All you have to do is click on the links below and listen to my "vocal performances". The sound quality here is not perfect as in the real CD, of course, but I wanted to keep this files small in order to have a much faster should be quick!

Please send me your reactions via e-mail whether good or bad, because only through criticism it's possible to improve; it might be a trite statment but I really believe it's true. Further below you will find what I have written in the booklet of my CD, so you can have a better description of each piece of music.

So, "buon ascolto" (it means "have a good listen") and begin...

The final high note (G) from the Prologue in "Pagliacci"

Another high note (F this time) from "Tosca"

...yes, another high note (I'm e real big head!) from "Carmen"

From "Traviata", Germont father's prayer

A mozart Figaro very lively sings with sarcasm to Cherubino

Another G natural, this time from "Torna a Surriento"

Obviously dedicated to Frankie this version of "My way"

"O sole mio" the anthem song of my beautiful Italy

This is what's written in the booklet of my CD...

To send me your opinion and if you want further informations regarding this CD or if you want a copy (a cassette version is also available), please e-mail me:

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